Rudra 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. 4 user reviews.

The Story
The person who drives the story is Rudra, an adopted boy by a businessman who by his own willpower and intelligence becomes the most powerful and respected businessman in the city of Junagadh - Gujarat. Who by his own ways eventually becomes the Prime minister of India.

I loved the way Rudra was able to handle the corrupt politicians by his intelligence and proactive approach. Eventually, Rudra becomes the Prime Minister of India. His ways of working and techniques to handle the difficult situations are really admirable and thought proviking.
Rudra has been portrayed in a way that every other character seems so small if compared to him.

The book ends with a shocking note. I understand that it marks the second part of the book.

The Book
Publisher has taken enough care for the physical quality of book.
The pages, the binding and the printing is quite neat and of good quality.

My Views & Observations
Apart from the content, I must say that editor / proof reader has not done his job upto the mark. I found numerous grammatical and situational errors which would have been easily corrected before publishing. I will bring these into the notice of author separately. However, these errors does not have any impact on the story content and it flows smoothly.

To Conclude
"Rudra - Ek Nava Yug Ni Sharuaat" is one of the best political thriller I have read in Gujarati language. Loved every bit of the story. Thanks to the wonderful writing style and narration power of author Jignesh Ahir. He posses good story weaving skills and has every quality to be an established author.

I thank the Author Jignesh Ahir for meeting me and giving me the review copy with personal note. The views expressed in this review are my own and are in no way biased.

I am not regular book reader. I started reading Rudra Ek Nava Yug Ni Sharuaat" as it was suggested by my husband. However, I could not stop myself to complete the book in less than a week time. I like the way how story takes turn in each chapter and make me thinking "now what next". When I completed the first edition I was not aware that the second edition is not yet ready and now i am eagerly waiting for the second edition.

At first, the title defines everything, what will happen in book. And it also justify the story.
The story: Although it has the hero inside but there are many characters who keep me curious all the time to what will happen next. The story sometime seems, it is going fast but when I continue my reading I understand that it is needed.
Story starts beautiful, in middle i don't want to drop a book for a second. But end just trouble me. As I think the story had a quick end, it must has more in the end.
Or I can think that there will be another chapter of the book ???

So in the end, the book is worth to read. It keeps me inside far from the beginning to end.
4/5 rating, if I would allowed to.


I have read Gujarati novel for the first time and Rudra gave me a good beginning to read Gujarati Literature. There were too many characters in the book so I request readers to complete it in a week if possible. You will enjoy it more if you complete it in shorter time span. Rudra is a story of a common man with charismatic personality. The story is so engrossing that you always have anxiety "what next". Characters are nicely described. While reading in a few politicians you will see real life Politician. I enjoyed every part of novel when Rudra screwed life of corrupt Politician. There are lot of leanings from the novel say for example even if you are a most powerful person of the country, you have to wait for the right time to get things happen in your favour. The story is so influencing that you would also wish that if you could make some positive change in the country, it motivates you to take some drastic steps to change life of society. In the middle of the novel, you will see the slow pace of story, but again in the end the author make you think of "What next". Apart from a few printing mistakes, it was wonderful to read the 1st part of the thrilling novel series.

Amazing book, inspired a lot from Rudra...! Nice narration for expression and situation which make the book awesome, suspense was just unpredictable.
Keep up the good work!!!
I found it amazing interesting and gripping. Every time I sat reading it, I felt like completing the whole book at once. I like how each and every character is explained in so much detail. A beautiful amalgamation of truth, love, politics, journey, friendship and inner strength. I Love it and and… it also shows how beautifully Author want positive changes and development in our country.