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Is India Secular? or are we united?

Is India Secular? or are we united?

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Recent days the topic of intolerance got a huge attention. In a secular country like India, discussion about intolerance is not acceptable but it is happening in India. So here question arises that, is India a secular country..??

Before we discuss, let’s understand what secular state is. “Secular state claims to treat all its citizens equally regardless of religion, and claims to avoid preferential treatment for a citizen from a particular religion/non religion over other religions/non religion.”

Preamble of Indian constitution says that India is a secular country but is Government following the constitution….?? Let’s see..!!!

Minority: This word means a lot. If we elaborate it, then it will mean – one religion with very low head count compare to another religion falls under Minority. Now If India is secular country as it st...